How to Have an Eco-Friendly Business: A Basic Guide

By August 21, 2021

According to a LendingTree survey, 40% of consumers would boycott a company for continuing to be environmentally unfriendly. The majority of consumers are willing to pay more for eco-friendly products and brands. So it’s no wonder there is a surplus of companies going green.

Keep reading for a guide on creating an eco-friendly business.

Environmental Auditing

Consider how much of an ecological footprint your business has. How much electricity does your business consume, and how much plastic does your packaging or product use? Your answers can give you an idea of where to start making changes to be more environmentally friendly.
If you’re having a hard time determining your eco-footprint, consider enlisting the help of an external environmental auditor.

Reduce Your Waste

If you have a coffee machine that uses pods, you consume a pretty large amount of single-use plastic. The same is true of condiment packets, plastic wrappers, water bottles, and disposable cups.

Switching to coffee from a tin will save you from wasting plastic, and it will also save you money. Switching to using reusable water bottles or mugs will also help save money on office supplies.

Consider buying recycled paper to use in the printer, and be sure to recycle your paper waste.

Go Solar

A major step towards making your business more sustainable is to switch to solar power. This can greatly reduce your electric bill, and it substantially decreases your business’s economic footprint.

It’s easy to find installers that can add a solar electrical system like the professionals, For more details click here.

Shop Local

Source the materials and products you use locally. This reduces emissions being released into the air by reducing the amount of travel to get you your product. This also helps stimulate your local economy, and that is good for everyone.

If you cant get everything local, consider using a company that offers sustainable packaging and delivery.

Teamwork Makes the Eco-Friendly Business Dream Work

If you’re going green, you need your entire team on board with your idea. If there’s only one member of your team that’s actively trying to be more eco-friendly, it’s not going to make that much of a difference. Communicate the importance of these changes and how they will affect them.

Reward your team for being more environmentally conscious. For example, give employees extra vacation time, or host an office pizza party (with recycled pizza boxes of course) to reward eco-friendly team behavior. This can help get everyone more motivated about going green with you.

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