How to Handle Glassware While Packing

By November 16, 2018
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While changing the location, house or office, the most important and tedious task is to pack. And packing glassware and fragile items add more worry to this task. People specially hire professional movers and packers to do this job but every time and everywhere it is not possible to hire external help for such delicate packing. Therefore, it becomes really important for each one of us to know how to handle such packing like a pro. If you have hired the best truck rental company already, you do not have to worry about any fragile stuff. However, if you are doing it on your own, here are some tips to handle and pack all the delicate and fragile glass items in the right way:

Use Moving boxes:

The most important tip is to use moving boxes for all such items. First, these are double wall corrugated, which has more strength as compared to the normal standard boxes that we use for packing. Secondly, these are easy to transport from point to another. Packing such delicate items in boxes which needs to be lifted and then transported has more chance of getting damaged. These moving boxes will provide aid to carry them without any hassle and without damaging them. To avoid using such boxes owing to the cost associated with them can cost you the most that you will have after your belongings will get damaged.

Using Crates to Move Glass Tables:

Looking at the size of glass tables, at a time it becomes almost impossible to pack them keeping in mind the extra care and precaution that needs to be taken. Many professional companies provide custom made cushion boxes to carry these glass tops and tables, these boxes are generally termed as crates. It is recommended to put the blanket around the table before wrapping with those crates, it provides an extra layer of protection and minimizes the risk of damage.

Packing Mirrors:

Mirrors are yet another fragile and delicate item to pack and move. Try to pack the same in the way you will pack a glass table or table top. Take a box to flatten the same, put the blanket or two around the mirrors and wrap the flattened box around the same with the tape. You can also use bubble wraps or buffers to pack these items but usually, we recommend the same for rather smaller items. We suggest choosing the packing depending upon the size of the mirror or glass you need to pack.

Wine and other fragile glasses:

They may seem small in size but these are the most fragile out of the lot. Owing to their different size and shape it is actually very tricky to pack and move these glasses very carefully. Never wrap multiple glasses together, rather use bubble wrap or buffer to pack each glass individually and then keep them in the box and that time also adds cushion in between each glass. Try not to use newspaper that we generally use, it provides no protection and does not eliminate the chance of damage.

Apart from packing these items with the utmost care and precautions, make sure that unloading is done in the right way. Mark the box with fragile items to avoid the tossing of boxes. Otherwise, the whole exercise of packing carefully will go in waste.