How To Create A Good Explainer Video?

By July 3, 2019

Are you thinking of creating explainer videos to increase the brand awareness among your target audience? You will be able to improve the visibility level of your brand and increase the brand awareness by creating an explainer video. However, what you need to understand is that not explainer videos are equally good and not all of them produce the expected results. How then should we create a good explainer video and what are the qualities of a good video?

When you are creating your product explainer videos you should first be clear with the promotional efforts you are likely to take to reach your target audience. There is no fun in creating an explainer video or a promotional video unless and until you promote that video aggressively. In other words the entire video should be conceived from the promotions perspective.

You would have come across several social media videos and among them few videos would have stood out from the rest. According to you what makes those videos stand out and what impresses you about that video? These are the very same factors your customers too would be looking for when they access your videos. Your reach will be better if you could understand the tastes and preferences of your audience. You need to do adequate homework before you get your explainer video production project.

The videos you create should be short and succinct. It should convey whatever it likes to convey in just 60 seconds to 120 seconds. Do not create long videos as the audience may not have the patience to stick through the entire video. Shorter videos are more effective commercially so gear towards creating such shorter scripts.

Secondly infographic videos are also very popular and they get the attention of the audience. Numbers always have the power to get the attention of the audience. Try to see how you could present some interesting numbers to your target audiences that are relevant to your niche.

The video should be created in HD format with full HD high resolution graphics. This will reflect in the quality of the videos you create. Along these lines the video should be professionally edited. Suitable background music should be added. The background music should not dominate but complement the video. To tie everything up professional voiceovers should be used to make your promotional explainer video more engaging to your audience.

If you go back and check all those videos that stood out and those which got your attention, you would be able to see that all these elements are blended well into the video. You will need a professional animation video production company to take care of your need. Never make this a DIY project but hire professional agencies to take care of your requirements. After all your efforts the quality of the video is not up to the mark then you would have wasted all that time. It is therefore best to get experts on board to take care of your explainer video needs.

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