How Cast Iron Bars Gives Advantage to the Industry


Cast iron is an alloy that carries 2 to 4.5 % Carbon, silicon and a small amount of Sulphur, Phosphorus. It is mainly cast as soft and strong or as hard and brittle iron. Usually made up of Pig iron, cast iron is formed by smelting metal, and then pouring it into a mould.

As the carbon is present in the cast iron, it is often confused with the steel. Although both carries various differences as steel contains less than 2% carbon, which enables the final product to solidify in a microcrystalline structure. The more the content of carbon in the cast iron, the more it solidifies as a heterogeneous alloy and thus carries multiple microcrystalline structures present in the material.

Types of Cast iron

  • Grey Cast Iron- Composition of Carbon (2.5 to 4%), Silicon (1 to 3%)
  • White Cast iron- Carbon (2 to 2.5%), Silicon (1 to 3 % )
  • Malleable Cast iron- Carbon (2.16 to 2.90%), Silicon (0.90 to 1.90%)
  • Ductile Cast Iron- Carbon- (3.5 to 3.9 % ) Silicon (2.25 % to 2.75%)

Manufacturing process: Pig iron is re-melted with a large quantity of scrap steel, scrap iron and limestone. This mixture is mixed with Carbon and Silicon. Then after that, it is melted in an electric induction furnace after which the molten metal is transferred to a holding furnace.

What are the Applications of Cast Iron Bars?

Cast iron bars consists of a number of applications in the culinary field. The application of cast iron bars is to build pots and pans and all type of utensils that are used for heating purposes. The reason behind it is the cast iron surface distributes the heat from the stone evenly all over its surface. This type of iron bars is also used in baking. They can also be used in making stoves from a single piece of mould.

Apart from that, cast iron is widely used in Piping applications, engines, parts of automobiles and in earlier times they were used for building bridges.

If you are actively looking for Cast Iron Bars then there are many reputed organizations working to produce, supply and export a huge range of cast iron bars all over India. The offered range is designed using high-grade raw material and modern machines in strict conformations with the industry laid standards. Along with this, the offered range of cast iron bara checked on varied characteristics to maintain its authenticity throughout the designing process.

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