Here’s How Article Marketing Provides an Edge to a Growing Business

By February 19, 2019 ,

Google Panda says it! High quality, unique and relevant content is crucial.

And it applies to all websites, be it an existing one or a newly launched. So, how can your small business not benefit from posting unique content on its website? Well, article marketing is the hottest digital marketing trend that comes with a vast potential to elevate your website’s image.

When it comes to businesses availing article writing services, future possibilities are immense. These businesses, in their nascent stage, can build a brand image by offering customers, readers and subscribers unique and valuable articles with the help of an article writing company.

Thinking how? Read on to get your answer!

First things first! What exactly is article marketing? It is a practice of posting or publishing informative and well-researched articles on the internet through article directories. You may select a directory of your choice and publish through it. Choose your area of publishing from –

  • Niche
  • Specific
  • Broad-based

Hire from the best content writing companies in India to churn out high quality and exceptional articles and post them through these directories. Or, you can also ask them to post. A regular posting of this kind can soon rank you among the leading in your industry.

Now, take a look at the edge your website will get through efficient article marketing!

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  • Acquiring credibility

Sharing knowledge with readers and subscribers help you gain the reputation of being an expert. It builds your credibility as people begin to trust and get back to you frequently for more knowledge. Your small business can gain an extra piece of cake if you avail such article writing services.

  • As a source of valuable information

Knowledge is power! The saying goes true, no matter what the circumstance is. The articles or content you publish help readers in numerous ways. It may give them solutions to some pressing issues, more information or answers to valuable questions, etc. So, what do you think is happening here? You are creating authority by becoming a constant source of information.

  • Increased awareness for your brand

The directories your hired article writing services company publishes your content on have numerous websites listed under them. Hence, your articles get posted and reposted on different pages around the world. The more readership your website gains, the more aware people become of your brand.

  • Increase in web traffic

Adding a little teaser towards the end of your article can drive massive traffic to your website. Relevant and unique articles increase web traffic significantly. Some of the best content writing companies in India have helped small businesses gain commendable traffic by merely posting quality content.

So, why can’t your small business have a share of this advantage?

  • Higher exposure

The rule of thumb for marketing is that gaining higher exposure and recognition for your brand requires it to be visible to a person for 3-7 times. Imagine the number of brands that have settled in your subconscious just because you saw them frequently! So, the game is all about being visible frequently to bring your small business in the spotlight.

Your formula? Hire a renowned company providing article writing services. They will help you with frequent posting to relevant sites and directories!

  • Higher ranking with more backlinks

If your article’s quality is good enough, posting and reposting your content will multiply. The more websites host your content, the higher number of relevant backlinks get generated. Backlinks are an essential factor in determining site ranking. Some of the best content writing companies in India have successfully done this for small businesses.

  • No monetary investment in posting on directories

You don’t expect an investment to be cost-free, do you? Tried article marketing, yet? It won’t be wrong to call article marketing a miracle formula for gaining cost-free recognition. Most of the directories offer free posting. Even if you opt for those with paid services, the Return on Investment is going to be very high.

Now, that’s a win-win situation for any small business. You can also do this by hiring a company providing high-quality article writing services. They have professionals who find out the right directories to bring more effective results.

With these exemplary advantages, do you now think you should go for article marketing? Well, all we can say is – More power to you, article marketing!