Guide to place your app featured in the Google play store


In the modern world of techs and gadgets there is application for everything. A few years back the rise of apps has been gradually increased; even for few minutes of reading there are 100 apps are being created and uploaded in the apps store. You can hire a professional android app development company to create an application and must decide on what ideology that the app is being created. Then the creator of the app must decide on various possibilities including size of the app, interface of the app and many more.

In view of the users

The question comes to the mind that who will be using the apps? Obviously the people of the world but what kind of people will be using the app is the main and important part of creating the app. The Google play store does not allow all the apps to be uploaded into the platform; every app will be handpicked before uploading into the platform. So the creators have to keep in mind that the app has to be perfect and well suited for the users in order to be successful.

Quality Factor of the apps

The people who are working in Google demands quality as the major factor whatever the genre the app may be it has to have limitations in the content. It should not exceed the interests of the target audience. App has to balance the interests and maturity level of the target audience.

Many apps will be rejected or not used because of the content which is similar to others it may be applicable for gaming apps but in the case entertainment or any socializing apps it will be a negative aspect. Always keep an eye for the users because they will provide criticism that will help to upgrade the app to the next level sometimes may be a bit negative but it is worth.

Ethical creation of app

In accordance to create an app the creator has to follow the ethics of digital world. There are negative opinions are flowing from the users because of apps that are not on ethical view of the internet.

As the ethics of creating an app goes the creator should watch out content that are supposed to be adultery if an app created out of adultery it may have a negative impact for the digital world. Most kids use mobile devices right from young age. For them to be aware child endangerment related content has to be completely avoided.

Problem of cyber bullying became prominent so the creator of the apps has to be aware of harassment or any form of digital violence before creating an app. Apps are being utilized in medical and hospital sectors have to be aware that their application should not allow the purchase of illegal drugs.

Technical Focus of the app

The technical quality of the apps has to work perfectly needed to not frozen or constraint the user from personalizing the app. The app has to function properly once it’s been downloaded from the Google play store. More over the users will expect the app to be more engaging and has to have more interesting features rather than dull interface.

For example apps related to photography or picture editing will have a feature that allows the user to change the quality of the picture when they take in their mobile devices

Compatibility Aspect of the application

Once upon a time the digital world has many OS version like Android OS, Blackberry OS, Symbian OS, and Windows mobile. But to the ultimate survival only two were able to come to the top that is ANDROID & iOS. Most of the application creators are making their app based on these two OS versions only so it is safe to assume that these two OS are compatible with the app that is being created. Device compatibility is important issue that the app must work well in all forms of android mobile devices and information of app compatibility has to be mentioned.

Many users expect their apps to be compact and light weight for smooth usage in their devices. Exceeding the size of the apps may result in reduced performance. The maximum size limit for the app is 100mb if it exceeds more than this use APK (Android package Kit) expansion files which Google play host free in their servers and each APK file can hold upto 2GB.

Promotion and monetization aspect of creating the app

The creators of the app decided to build ways to monetize the investment by making the users pay a price for to download the app, in – app purchase is also method to monetize the investment. Gaming app provides a subscription type of monetizing known as in – app subscription. Make sure that these monetizing methods should not interfere with user experience.

 To promote the app in best manner use pages that has good flow of online users. Advertise the app on good portals that has good domain authority. Always provide simple description of your application. Reviews are the best ways to attract users so publish reviews that are best suited for more over do not deceive the users.

App Update and social buzz

The job of the creator does not stops once the app is finished it always continues. So the creator of the app has to constantly update the app in order to survive in the digital world. These updates can be improvised with the help of users review, suggestions given by them. In addition to this make sure that the app is compatible to OS which are being created newly. The application has to be known to the target audience by creating a buzz in the social media websites which in turn provides users for the application.


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