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By November 15, 2018 ,
commercial property

commercial propertyThinking of going for a pre-rented commercial property? But lacking that intelligent piece of advice will make your decision a nightmare. But before diving more into the advice let’s talk about what is pre-leased property is? Going by the proper definition, it is real estate which is given to a tenant on a lease which is up for sale. After the completion of the transaction, this is the monthly income for the person on which the property is actually signed in by the tenant. Talking particularly more about the commercial property in the lease, commercial Pre-leased properties have commercial activity status and these are some of the types for which commercial properties are best suited for:

  1. Pre-leased Banks/ATMs
  2. Pre-leased High Street Retail/Showrooms
  3. Pre-leased Food Joints/Restaurants
  4. Pre-leased Office Spaces
  5. Pre-leased Institutional(Schools/Colleges)
  6. Pre-leased Hotels/Banquets
  7. Pre-leased Industrial Sheds/Warehouses

Now talking about why this could be the best decision which you could make in terms of property dealing? This is the best decision for the buyer and the seller as well. The rent from the tenant could be the secured source of monthly income and is the fastest mode. Not only him, but there are also some of the reasons why it is very beneficial for the tenant as well. If you are looking for something on a temporary basis, this could be the best decision. For the commercial property, you can change according to the trends and can be best suited for the commercial purpose.

property for sale Noida

There are many reasons which play an important role if we talk about going for a pre-rented estate. With the pre-rented property for sale Noida, you should be very considerate. Location is the most important factor which you should consider very carefully before buying any pre-leased commercial property. Commercial properties are there to yield profits for you but getting a pre-rented place could be not that beneficial for you. If the property is located in an already well refined and prime CBD (central business district) it will create more revenue and profits for both the parties.

The quality and category is also another prime factor which should be considered with care. Also, the brand value of the renter plays an important role. The good brand value will provide you more facilities and services. The pre-rented commercial property for sale in Noida could be very thoughtful if you are investing in the right property. It is a known fact that the value of the received rent increases with time, along with the value of the leased asset, thus offering healthy capital appreciation in the long run.

Thus your dream of getting the good commercial property on rent can be fulfilled seeing all these points. Always buy the leased property by the trusted names and be assured.

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