Even after knowing that smoking is injurious to health people find it hard to quit.

Not only does smoking make you addicted, but the smoke also contains numerous toxic elements that put your health at risk. So what’s the alternative? It’s Vaping.

Vaping is gaining more popularity amongst smokers as the vapour from an e-sigaret doesn’t contain such toxic products. Moreover, with vaping, you have the option to choose from various flavours which are not possible with conventional cigarettes.

Switching to e-cigarettes offer an enjoyable and new way of smoking without suffering from the health consequences.       

Here’s how an e-cigarette takes you high

These devices utilise a nicotine-containing liquid, also called e-juice and atomises it to form an aerosol. An e-cigarette comprises several components that draw the liquid, heats it and then vaporises it.

The general components on a vaping cigarette are –

  • A mouthpiece
  • Cartridge
  • Heating element/atomiser  
  • A microprocessor

Here’s how each of these components work together –

A heating element or atomiser draws out the e-liquid from the cartridge and sends it to the heating coil. In this coil, the e-liquid is heated to a temperature of 100 to 200 degree Celsius, thereby, turning into an aerosolised vapour that the user inhales in.

A variety of model of e-sigaret is available in the market today. These models differ from each other based on specifications like the volume of e-liquid it can contain, operating duration, and charging time.

 A popular and cost-effective option for beginners is the Justfog Q16, as it’s easy to use and falls in the starting range of budget.

Features that make Justfog an ideal choice?  

  • Adjustable voltage that can be changed with the 9 J-Easy batteries available with the kit. Justfog’s voltage can be set from 3.4 volts to 4.8 volts.  
  • In total, the 9 J-Easy batteries feature a total capacity of 900mAh.
  • This device is also chargeable through USB connection and houses a micro USB port near its bottom.
  • Chromed brass and Pyrex glass atomiser ensures durability without impacting its overall style statement.
  • Adjustable airflow ring near the vaporisers’ bottom enables a user to adjust the intake air supply.
  • The device can contain 2ml of e-juice in its pods, offering adequate quantity for frequent vapers.

Additionally, the device has a safety measurement installed into it to prevent overheating, short circuit and overcharging. Astonishingly, it weighs only around 58 g, making it light enough to carry around.

E-liquid – the essence an e-cigarette

You may be wondering what actually is this narcotic liquid?  

An e-liquid is a mixture of products such as propylene glycol, glycerine, nicotine, water and flavourings. Propylene glycol accounts for 95% of the composition.

These liquids are available in above more than 8000 flavours. Some of the common flavours are Pinky Vape, American Stars, Charlie Noble and Dragon Vape.

So, why keep smoking blandly, add some flavour to your stress relief?    

With most e sigaret, you have the option to choose from a variety of e-liquids. You can choose a taste of your choice as per your preference. When choosing an e-liquid, you need to be mindful of few factors like e-liquid ratio and the nicotine strength.

With vaping, you enjoy the same effects of smoking but with half the harm. Also,  you can choose from a variety of flavours, and adjust the amount of smoke you want to inhale. So, switch to e-sigaret today.  

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