Best Employee Monitoring Software to Keep an Eye on Office Staff

By March 7, 2019 ,
Best Employee Monitoring Software to Keep an Eye on Office Staff

Are you looking for an employee monitoring software? If yes, you have reached the right place. In this post, we are going to talk about one of the best work cell phone monitoring app here.

The use of workplace surveillance tools has increased and it will continue to grow over time. There are many reasons why companies and employers are impressed with employee tracking software. Development and advancement in technology have allowed people to protect their business. But at the time, it has also empowered hackers and intruders to get access to the data in many ways.

Why Employee Tracking Software?

Let’s talk about why companies need an employee monitoring app. We know that nowadays most of the companies have websites, use cloud services and most of the company data, as well as customer information, is stored digitally. The era of paperwork and documents has gone. Now companies use digital services for storing customer information and other sensitive data. But the digital tools are not as safe as believed to be.

We should not forget Yahoo and how it collapsed after data of more than 40 million customers was leaked. Facebook is one of the most recent examples from 2019 that lost data of over 25 million users. The results were scary. These companies lost billions of dollars, face a bad reputation and people stopped trusting them anymore. So there are multiple reasons for the companies and employers to think about using employee tracking software.

The Best Employee Monitoring Software

Now coming to the point, there are many apps out there that claim to be the best apps in the market for employee tracking. We have tested some of them and reached to a conclusion that that doesn’t help anymore. However, we were impressed with one software and that is BlurSPY app. This Android and iPhone software were amazing in performance, features, and operation.

What impressed us the most was the number of features provided by BlurSPY. It comes with over a dozen features that can be potentially helpful for tracking staff, monitoring them, checking their online activities including social media and internet history. This app is way more affordable than most of the apps in the market. It also works in the background. That simply means you employee will never know you installed BlurSPY on their phones and devices.

Features Offered by BlurSPY App

There are a good number of features like phone call management, message tracking, location tracking, social media monitoring, tracking internet history, spying on instant messengers, checking emails, remote control options, bugging mic and camera, spying on surround voices and more. Below are details of the top features that employers can use to track their employees.

Call Monitoring

With this feature, employers can monitor the incoming and outgoing phone calls of the employees. The app makes it easy for a user to track any phone calls. You can also record them or intercept them live, whatever suits you the best.

Location Tracking

These days location tracking has become an important part of employee monitoring. Spy app comes with a GPS location tracker that allows companies and employers to track the live locations of the employees. You can also check weekly location history.

Phone History Tracking

This is another must-have feature for employers to keep eyes on the staff. You need to know what your staff is doing on their phones, devices, computers, and company-owned electronic devices. You will be able to check their internet history and what work they have been doing on computers.

Social Media Monitoring

Many companies are worried as employees spend a lot of time using social media. So for such employees, companies can use this feature of BlurSPY app to know about their social media. Keep eyes on the staff and see what they are sharing and doing on their social media sites.

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