Content Marketing in UAE – Why is it Still Low-Key and How to Cope Up?

By April 9, 2019 ,

UAE is globally recognized as a planned business center and home to the elite. The presence of premier and exotic tourist destinations only adds up to its elegant appeal. The Middle East is also rich in natural resources that only add fuel to its steady growth.

However, one aspect that remains obscured is the presence of content writing services Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and more. While content marketing has taken the digital world by storm on a global level, imagine the impact it could have brought to businesses that are already flourishing.

Sooner than later, businesses in the UAE have to catch up to this trend for being sustainable globally. It is because the speed at which technology is overtaking the market will not slow down any time soon, and to keep growing they need to adapt.

3 Reasons why the UAE lacks in content marketing:

  1. Limited resources and high demand

Since the market for content writing is not organized in the Middle East, essential resources for the market like content writers, content writing companies, SEO experts and more is limited. It results in high demand for content marketers. Hence, businesses are unable to take up a planned approach to content marketing.

If content marketing services Dubai, Sharjah and other places in UAE are adequately available, businesses can create a better strategy. The recent entry of many content writing companies brings with it a ray of hope for businesses in the UAE.

  • Content marketing in a nascent stage in the Middle East

There’s no doubt that UAE is among the most exciting places for business. However, content marketing services are still maturing there. A lot of marketing initiatives taken by businesses are still traditional.

Only recently have businesses started adopting content writing services Abu Dhabi, Dubai International City, Sharjah, etc.

  • Lack of local models

Another factor that has led to UAE lagging in content marketing is the lack of any local model that can be adopted for undertaking effective marketing strategies. Businesses are apprehensive of experimenting with global trends because they are not designed as per local requirements. Hence, they do not guarantee success.

However, with companies like Das Writing Services Pvt. Ltd. extending their content marketing services Dubai, Sharjah, Al Ain and more, the scenario is expected to change.

How can the UAE catch up with content marketing?

  • By outsourcing content writing to professional agencies

While it’s not possible to generate resources over time, businesses on UAE can opt for outsourcing content writing services Abu Dhabi to professional agencies. They come with the required expertise to create content that increases visibility and a cutting edge content strategy to excel.

  • Hiring expert agencies with cost-effective solutions

An expert content writing agency brings with it solutions that prove to be cost-effective in the long run. They offer content writing services with diversity to help businesses develop a strategy as per local requirements.

Content writing services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and other cities of UAE is taking up a new shape. Its time businesses took up the initiative to capitalize on this growing trend and make the most of it.