Are retaining Customer Service Representatives important for Businesses?

By March 2, 2019

In this day and age where meeting customer expectations is highly important for businesses, having a strong relationship with support agents is paramount. It cannot be overlooked because the reliability of whole customer service operations depends on how much support agents are likely to stay around your brand. That’s the main reason why every call centre UK always strives to secure better agent retention rate.

However, businesses running an in-house call centre often don’t value the relationship with support agents, thereby, unnecessary issues take place. Such issues could be related to brand image, CX level, CSAT score, etc. In a nutshell, ensuring a strong relationship with support agents is instrumental if there’s a wish to operate the customer service department seamlessly.

Here, we are with some tips that will help businesses in retaining customer service representatives: 

1.    Let expectations be known

Workload is the primary reason that leads towards the agent turnover. After appointing job applicants for customer service roles, companies want arduous tasks to be done to perfection. However, dealing with a stream of onerous tasks on a regular basis often lowers down the job satisfaction level of customer service representatives. Hence, they step down from their respective position in the near future.

Therefore, it is vital for businesses running in-house call centres to let their expectations be known during the hiring process. This is important because if the potential customer-facing employee knows the expectations that he/she is supposed to meet, better performance can be expected. Plus, there’s a possibility that the hassle of employee turnover doesn’t take place every so often.

Here, we would like to lay stress on one factor that every reputed call centre UK makes certain that their newly hired support agents are familiar with the performance targets which must be achieved. In addition, it is also ensured that job roles get assigned according to the skillsets of support reps. Owing to all of this, established inbound call centres don’t come across the hassle of high attrition.

2.    Make the job easier             

The job of customer service representatives has never been easy. Nowadays, it is even turned into a challenging one and all thanks to customers’ growing expectations related to support service. At the present time, customers want unparalleled resolutions as soon as support agents say ‘How may I help you?’

While solving intricate issues, agents sometimes need time to come up with satisfactory resolutions. The factor that makes the job strenuous is the impatient behaviour of customers. In some scenarios, customers start yelling at support agents or using abusive language. This makes a negative impact on the latter as nobody likes to be shouted at. As a negative aftereffect, employee turnover rate snowballs.

Thus, it is significantly important for businesses running customer service department to make the job of their support agents easier. Don’t be confused, all we want to say a central repository of resolutions should be offered to agents as this will help them to solve complicated issues in a jiffy. Besides improving agent retention, this will also help to secure better CX levels.

Furthermore, better facilities should be offered at the workstation as that’s the secret of almost every call centre UK behind strong relationships with customer service representatives.

3.    Conduct exit interviewees  

Conducting exit interviews is the most effective way to improve agent retention rate. In the above 2 pointers, we have discussed how the odds of employee turnover can be reduced. Here, it is imperative to note that you cannot stop agents from leaving once they have made up their minds. But the thing that can be done to put the brakes on the increasing attrition rate is conducting exit interviews.

By means of exit interviewees, it would be very easy to get better insight into why agents are cutting ties with a company. After getting vital info, necessary changes should be made for the sake of better agent retention.