Advantages of QC Inspection Companies with Diverse Product Expertise

By January 18, 2019
Advantages of QC Inspection Companies

Imagine yourself as an importer who wants to attend any product related conference. You are stopped by an advertisement of quality inspection services. A lot of people say that these quality inspection companies can inspect your upcoming shipment of products. After that, you hire one such inspection companies you are good to go.

However, these inspection companies do not have any experience of your product segment. The person from that company over promised that their company only expertise in inspection services of one particular product. By the time you receive the shipment of your products, you found that the shipment of products is having a lot of quality defects.

What you should do now? Do you need to hire two different inspection companies to handle your different product shipments? Wouldn’t it be better to hire a third party inspection company who can manage different product shipments according to their standards?

With expertise in various types of product category, importers of all type of product category can trust various firms for their quality control requirements.

In this post, we will discuss the top 5 benefits of quality inspection companies who are having diverse product expertise.

Product Inspection in Multiple Product Categories

Import companies who are selling multiple numbers of products want their products to be consistent and should follow all the quality standards. The first impressions of the product is important, whenever you are the new business to enter the market.

However, you might not be aware of some of the common QC criteria and methods used for different type of product category that you have never manufactured. Moreover, some companies used different suppliers for different product categories, because of most of the factories like to manufacture products of a single product category. Thus, it becomes challenging to manage inspections across various product categories.

Therefore, before the inspection is performed by the team of ProQC the inspection checklists are prepared for both your internal and external team. The product is analyzed according to various categories including procedures adopted, AQLs used, and much more.

Consistency in Inspection Methods

Working with more than one inspection companies for managing the quality of the product shipment means you will receive the report in different formats. This can make understanding each and every report a little difficult.

Like many import companies, you should not be the one to follow “One Size Fits All” inspection report and methods that some third-party vendors impose. Similar to customizing the criteria to make sure that quality standards are used during the inspection, it is better suggested to use the consistent report to get better results.  

If you are opting for these services for the first time, ProQC can offer their own inspection report format and can guide you about each section in the report. However, your internal quality team will establish its own methods for inspection.   

That’s why we prepare inspection reports according to our client’s requirement. Working with ProQC can make sure that your product shipments meet according to your required standards easily.

Tracking of Defects in the Product

Without defining any quality metrics for product inspection, many import companies lack transparency in their supply chain. They are always trying to deal with scattered data and reporting from multiple numbers of organizations and it makes a lot of inspection companies powerless and unable to criticize the supplier performance or make them accountable.

The QC service provider with years of experience will be able to handle the inspections of different product categories and can consolidate the product quality metrics. Plus, it makes it accessible for you.   

All these quality control metrics allows you to follow up the suppliers, to make sure that you push them to achieve the quality standards you are looking for in your product shipment. Moreover, you can hold suppliers responsible if the product does not match the quality standards.

Smoother Communication

Hiring multiple inspection companies to manage quality inspection of different product categories means that you should contact a different company each time you schedule an appointment. Some inspections companies respond less than other companies. Some companies are easier to reach by communicating on phone than other means of communication. While some require a long process for requesting bookings.

Rather than working with multiple numbers of inspection companies, you should work with a single company who is experienced in handling large product categories. Plus, they will easily be able to handle all the inspection checks just by contacting you on phone.


Some people think that companies inspecting multiple product categories know how to deal with various inspections and are not expert in any particular product category. However, just because of these inspection companies have the capabilities of managing different product categories doesn’t mean that they don’t hire technical experts for analyzing different product categories.

Therefore, these were some of the points you should consider before conducting any quality control inspection of your product shipment.

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