6 tips how to choose best seat in flights

By August 13, 2019

If you are worried about the comfort of your air travel. Uncomfortable seats during the journey is the worse fate than any other expenses which can happen during the journey. The choice of your best seat for you journey plays a marked role during travel. Most of the people don’t know what’s the way to choose thier best seats. Now we at Fastbooktrip suggests you how can you choose your best seats of airlines thats works very helpuful throughout your whole journey.

These small things which is neglected by everyone but the fact is that these things decides your journey whether it is good or bad. So by doing some extra work in these minor things you can own the best experience. There are many different solutions which you can adopt for your better travel experience.

  1. Select your seat at the time you book your airline ticket

Many people accept the seat allotment that is given by the airlines they don’t try to get the seats of their own choice, by which they suffers a lot of trouble during their whole journey. So don’t just accept any seat assignment. Look at the seat availability map for tge flight you are booking. All these minor things really means a lot.

2. Pull up the airlines seat availability map periodically before your flight

You should check the seat map because seats may open up especially within a couple of days before your flight due to many people cancel their flights and many traveller’s seat might be upgraded to business class, leaving behind preferred coach seats, you might switch to one.

3. Ask the gate agent if a better seat is available

Sometimes last minute seat bookings is even more favourable and profitable one. A lot of seat changes happen at the gate. Due to some reasons many business travellers cancel their seats, many seats are upgraded and sometimes the entire aircraft gets swichted resulting in everyone’s seat reassigned. If your flight has empty seats, the gate agent often has the ability to allot them the empty seats. Its a rare gate agent who doesn’t care about helping bussiness travellers stay productive in flight.

4. Avoid the middle

If you book your seat in advance try to avoid middle seat. Book the window or an aisle seat. The middle seat is the most uncomfortable seats, making it very difficult to get out from a middle seat if you need to stretch or use the bathroom. If you see a passenger in one of these seats, then you can assume that they booked at the very last minute before of their flight or didn’t select a seat at all until they arrived at the airport.

5. Ask the pros

Its very important to know the advantages and disadvantages of the seats that you have booked. Seatguru offers details on seat for almost every airlines around the world. They offers the seat map with color coded indications for easy identification- the yellow seats have some drawbacks, red seats should always be avoided, white seats are norm and the green seats are ideal. If green seats are unavailable at booking, try to ask about that seat at gate or moved at checkin.

  1. Be specific

If you completely sure about your seat in which seat you are interested. This can be easier for the agents to get this seat for you and the process is going to be less time consuming. Instead of asking a good seat ask them for an aisle seat near the front or an exit row seat. You will be own the seat what you want.

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