5 Tips to Choose a Summer Vacation Destination

By May 15, 2019

Summary – In this article, learn about 5 tips on how to choose the best summer vacation destination.

Its summers on this face of the earth and its scorching bright! And thanks to the global warming we’ve created, it’s much hotter than it should be. The lemonade chills you for a few minutes, the ice cream saves some moments of your life…but what after that? You’d just want to be by yourself, under the air conditioner for the rest of your life, isn’t it?

The heated discussions and energies that are boiling within you and within the people around you; make it a tad bit more unbearable and now you wish you were on a summer vacation, so everything would just chill itself down and life is better again…sigh?

Welcome to your episode of summertime blues. When your energy won’t stop boiling out of your body, you are dying to calm down and wish you did not have to work under this scorching sun. You may not be in school waiting for the summer vacation to go on a family trip to the hills and mountains and have a great time. And return to tell your friends about all the exciting things you did this summer vacations.

Well we wish for a plenty of things all the time, but execution is the key, how do you choose a summer vacation destination without burning a huge hole in your pocket?

There area few factors you must keep in mind to execute the perfect summer vacation

1. Research on your options.

Take the coolest places that you can think of and would love to visit sometime in your life. Perform an extensive research on what these places have to offer and then weigh your odds and evens. You may be into experiencing different cuisines and that would draw you to a certain destination, but is it worth a summer vacation, hell yes if it’s on a hill or a mountain… see for yourself what you can expect out of a certain destination in terms of culture, diversity and of course, value for money.

2. Make sure you ask your taste buds.

You don’t want to be on a summer vacation and not enjoy the cuisine of the place. The cuisines of a certain place are so important to know. You may or may not be a great fan of the popular ingredients in a local cuisine, and at the same time could like your food in a specific way. Not saying that you may not find food of your liking. But, while travelling, trying the local cuisine is the most memorable part of the trip. You don’t want to end up in a destination where they serve food exactly how you don’t like it. This may not seem important but think about it deeper. You can’t stay hungry on a summer vacation.

3. Does the destination offer adventurous and fun activities?

One goes on a vacation with not a lot in mind, but now a-days’ a lot of activities are collaborating with the destination that may be fun to do. There are adventurous activities in major destinations in the world, for example, yoga in Nepal. Nepal being the host for the wise Himalayan mountain range automatically becomes a centre for spiritual activities like yoga. There are a lot of yoga courses that yoga enthusiasts take up during their yoga holidays in Nepal. It is the perfect coming together of the nature and human.  You might want to go for a bungee jumping experience or paragliding experience; chose a place that has to offer other activities that you can look forward to.

4. Do you vibe with the destination?

This is probably the most important question you will ask yourself if not out loud, but deep within, you sure will. We have our likes and dislikes, tastes and all. The vacation must not feel like a burden to you where you are forcing yourself to be open to everything even if you dislike it, because you tell yourself hey it’s a new experience. Make sure you feel the vibe of the destination and have inclinations for the culture they have to offer. Follow your vibe!

5. If it fits the pocket, go for it!

This is probably the most important tip. There can be three destinations offering almost the same amount of diversity and similar diversities. Choose what fits your expectations and your budget. For example, would you choose a vacation in Switzerland if you can enjoy similar breath-taking mountains in Nepal (which is way lighter on the pocket?)? Think about it!

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