5 Reasons Why a Retail Business Should Consider E-Receipts Over Paper Receipts

By February 7, 2019

How Electronic Receipts can help your Business GROW DIGITALLY

In the information age with everyone’s access to the internet, nothing can be taken seriously without its presence on the digital media. Perhaps this is the reason why we have moved from paper mails to e-mails, paper books to e-books and paper receipts to e-receipts. Old school marketing has been extensively relying on digital marketing. The modern retailer has grown respectively with the evolution of the marketing methods.

An email list can be stored out of physical retail deals. From the emails gathered, retailers can make effective email marketing strategy by sending the invites of the hot deals, latest events, referral programs etc. which can cut off the heavy cost of merchandise.Make sure you have a presence on the major traffic puller social platforms (Facebook, Twitter etc.).Provide useful content related to your business and ask your clients to like or subscribe to your social media availability in the email.

Why using E-Receipts is helpful for an ECO-FRIENDLY Environment

One of the most often discussed topic today is the issue of Climate Change. Being the resident of this lively planet, everyone should take part in any form to preserve nature. But the reality is far worse than we can ever think of. A recent study shows that we are cutting 100,000 acres of forest every day, that means around 7 billion trees are being cut every year. 35% of the total trees are used in the paper industry. The environment is changing drastically.

Going green can be the ultimate solution for a healthy environment. There are many nature and climate-related organization working for this cause. Since trees are natural purifier of air, so we need to grow forests rather cutting them. Digital receipts help save us a lot of paper and ultimately the environment. The collective affection towards our surrounding can make this world a better place.

Why Digital Receipt considered being FASTER than the Paper Receipt

It is not that difficult to conclude that creating paper receipts is much more time consuming than e-receipts. Again, much work is done to create paper from the trunks of trees. A lot of effort is required to prepare a specific paper according to your receipt design. The rest of the problem gets extended with printing digital information on paper.

Unlike paper receipts, e-receipts are the future of the modern business world. Quite a little time ago the idea of e-receipts was only popular among the e-commerce businesses. But with the outbreak of internet usage, everyone seems to have access to world wide web. The data is being stored and manipulated online. Many ONLINE RECEIPT MAKER tools let you create and send your e-receipts online. The reason why e-receipt is faster than paper receipt is quite obvious since you don’t need to use papers and printing machines.

How Small Businesses will find the Digital Receipt CHEAPER

Having established the fact that e-receipts can save a lot of time and space in comparison with a paper receipt, the same can be said about money. Yes, you can actually save a lot of money spent on buying paper and printer devices. Small businesses usually rely on economical methods in the start. Startups often Create Custom Receipts for their specific business using free receipt generator tools online.

Electronic receipts are replacing the conventional paper receipts very fast. The paper receipts cost more because of the heavy expenses of paper and printing machine. Startups often go for cheaper methods and using electronics receipts can be proved to be very cost-effective. But in the end, it depends how much your budget allows you to spend.

E-Receipts guarantee SECURITY whereas Paper Receipts often get lost

Have you ever gone through the situation of finding a missing receipt? It is the most annoying feeling in the world not being able to find it. You search everywhere in despair and you feel horrific and helpless. The problem can be faced for IRS Tax Return if you have lost your paper receipts. Whereas having the receipt in the digital form can be safe and secure for you.

The paper receipt can get damaged or faded with time. It can be misplaced and can’t be found anywhere. With electronic receipt, you don’t need to worry about your receipt anymore. Digital receipts are more secure and safer than paper receipts because it resides in your mailbox and you can access it anywhere anytime.

Summarizing the whole Discussion

The comparative discussion allows a retailer to ponder how the electronic receipt can be more beneficiary than paper receipts. This discussion puts emphasis on the usage of e-receipts in the light of 5 reasons how an e-receipt is better than a paper receipt. There are other factors which can add to this narrative too.