4 Telemarketing Mistakes that affect Sales Growth very badly

By December 3, 2018

Telemarketing, a traditional strategy, has always been deemed as the best tool that can help to increase the sales of products/services without any huge investment of money. With time, however, getting desired results via telemarketing is no longer an easy task. It is so because people often disconnect the telemarketing call within 10 seconds.

To ensure better sales growth, most of the business owners generally decide to avail outsourced telemarketing services, which is really an impressive move to cut unnecessary hassle. To meet clients’ expectations, outbound call centres provide top-notch training to their telemarketers so that they can communicate in an effective manner after making a successful contact.

But sometimes telemarketers commit some silly mistakes that affect the sales growth very badly. With the help of this blog, we are going to shed light on those mistakes, so let’s get started:

  • Solely concentrating on the faster conclusion

To boost the sales growth, it is imperative to contact a myriad of potential customers. For this, telemarketers generally set two targets that are:

  1. Explain all the merits of products/services at the start of the conversation.
  2. End the interaction as soon as possible.

Owing to these targets, telemarketers usually fail to persuade potential customers to buy products or services, which brings the sales conversion rate down. For better understanding, we would like to tell that whenever telemarketers try to explain everything about products/services promptly, they often start making silly mistakes that ruin the effectiveness of the call. This, as a negative consequence, leads to call hang-ups.

Therefore, it is significant for telemarketers to try hard to ensure a meaningful dialogue with prospects because there is no point to conclude interactions quickly if potential customers aren’t convinced to buy products/services.

  • Using scripts more than experience

Generally, business owners decide to avail unparalleled outsourced telemarketing services so that the sales of products/services could be increased. In order to match clients’ expectations, reputed outbound call centres provide scripts to their telemarketers so that no problem could arise during the interaction with prospects.

Of course, telemarketing scripts play a vital role while answering complicated questions of prospects. But it doesn’t mean that telemarketers should start depending on scripts. In addition, if telemarketers follow scripts closely, there is a high possibility that they sound impersonal during the interaction with potential customers, which may lead to an ineffective conversation.

Thus, it is highly advisable for telemarketers to use scripts when the situation demands it. Moreover, if telesales agents use their experience during the call, they are more likely to draw the attention of potential customers towards products/services.

  • Taking negative responses personally

To ensure that clients don’t regret their decision of availing outsourced telemarketing services, outbound call centres instruct their telemarketers to give their best while interacting with prospects. However, when telemarketers get a negative response after trying so hard, they sometimes get indulged into arguments with potential customers. This results in sheer wastage of time.

So, it is suggested for telemarketers to have a resilient attitude and remember that negative responses are inevitable in the world of telemarketing.

Furthermore, if telemarketers converse with prospects politely, especially after getting a negative response then there are good chances that the latter may recommend someone who could be interested in advertised products/services. This, as a positive result, can help telemarketers to lift the sales graph.

  • Not using testimonials

During the interaction, telemarketers describe the advantages of products or services in such a way that can convince prospects to take a purchase decision. But sometimes potential customers get confused about whether they should buy advertised products/services or not as taking a buying decision merely by listening to telemarketers’ words doesn’t seem appropriate.

At this point in time, telemarketers should take one step further to persuade sceptical prospects. For this, it is vital to send testimonials. The significance of testimonials shouldn’t be taken for granted because they can help potential customers to take a quick purchase decision.

Testimonials show the experience of those customers who are already using products/services. After going through testimonials, prospects can know about the merits & demerits of products/services, and this may help them to decide whether they should buy or not.

Henceforth, it is prominent for telemarketers to offer testimonials when they feel that prospects are still having some doubts in their mind about products/services.

Final few words:

At the present time, telemarketing companies are dealing with the hassle of poor answer rate. Therefore, it is extremely important for telemarketers to not commit any mistake after making a successful contact with potential customers.

By means of this write-up, we have revealed those mistakes that telemarketers shouldn’t be committing for the sake of better sales growth. We hope that you have understood aforementioned pointers perfectly, but if you haven’t then please tell us in the comment section.


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