3 Reasons to Choose a Cloud-Based HR Software

By May 17, 2019 ,

As a business entity, we always need to have better tools to improve profitability. But before investing in any asset, one needs to confirm the value delivered over a considerable period of time along with the sustainability. HR Tech is a solution that eyes on ending the stalemate between modernization and HR departments across the businesses. Digging deep into the benefits and functionalities, here are top three reasons for you to choose using a dedicated HR technology to optimize your HR administration and work as a tool to churn out better employee-employer relationships as joint stakeholders.

Better Administration Through Automation.

All of the HR functions require a pile of papers to confirm whether the work has been done or not. The employees need to put down everything on paper be it a leave application or acknowledging that leave. This complicates a lot of small transactions which otherwise don’t justify the amount of time and effort we put in them. The cloud-based HR Software automates all these tasks along with enhancing the quality of work. For instance, collecting payroll inputs from multiple sources, compiling them into Spreadsheets and running the Payroll keeping in mind the taxation applicable to the individual employees. This process includes a lot of intricate particulars which need to be taken care of. The cloud-based HR Software automates Payroll processing and runs it with virtually zero errors. The statutory compliance is also enhanced as the deadlines are met properly and no legal threat regarding the payroll taunts the HR professionals. The ESS Portals serve as paperless communication channels for all the employee-employer correspondence.

Improve Employee Engagement and Retention:

The use of Self-Onboarding systems is gaining popularity as the HR can handover the credentials to the system and the new hires. They can view all the company literature and fill the necessary forms. They can also submit the necessary proofs as demanded by the employer. This relieves the HR from paying personal attention to all new hires. A significant point is that the HR Software can be configured to give a customized experience to all the new hires and thus it shall establish you as a Tech-driven and employer-centric brand. The ESS Portals empower the employees to address their queries and grievances while making applications for various purposes such as leaves, attendance regularization, submitting investment proofs and loan details. They help the employees feel more confident about them being heard fairly. This helps build accountability driven culture and reduces the clerical formalities on the part of the HR. The time the implicit effect of better employee engagement is raised in employee retention, one of the most serious problems faced by all the businesses post 2000s as the millennials and Gen Z employees are more flexible in their career options and tend to leave organizations more frequently.    

Smart Reporting Capabilities:

The concurrent environment makes it compulsory for the businesses to take decisions very quickly as the product life cycles have declined exponentially in the past few years. But taking decisions in haste a danger every business house understands. The payroll software provides comprehensive reports using the vast data they record over the course of time. The employee transactions such as attendance, incentive data, promotion history can be used for strategic management purposes. The employers can also use the advanced reporting facilities such as cost allocation lines to trace the effect of an employee on departments other than their own. The monetary values reflected in these reports also help in budgeting and competency estimation as well. All the advanced technologies such as the use of AI-powered Chat Bots, Robotic Process Automation, Big Data Analytics, Gamification, etc are only viable if the HR Software provides them with comprehensive inputs regarding employee behavior and corresponding monetary value of the transaction. This reduces speculative decision making as the HR now have factual data and figures to make decisions more scientifically.

Thus, one needs to consider the value that these HR Software solutions drive for your organization and accordingly choose a dedicated HR technology with proper configuration capabilities as no two businesses operate in the same way even if they are functional in the same field. The success of such solutions depends a lot on conveying your requirements and confirming the functionalities delivered.