3 Effective Strategies for Closing More B2B Sales in 2019

By January 31, 2019

The sales landscape has changed, and everybody knows it. Gone are the days when salespeople were the sole resource of those who are looking to buy important products or services. Nowadays it’s the consumers themselves that does all of the researching and studying what they want to buy.

B2B sales have become quite an interesting path to take. With sales force automation and a lot of other B2B tools at their disposal, they have to find a way to find leads and close sales that they have little to no control over!

The real challenge for B2B sales reps is how they can become relevant to the buying decision of their prospects. It’s important to keep in mind that buyers today are not alone in their decision. In most cases, it’s done by a team called a buyer group. These are the people that b2b marketplace India sales reps need to persuade in order for them to close a sale.

This begs the question, “how exactly can B2B sales reps successfully persuade these buyer groups?”. Take a look at some of the most relevant and effective strategies you can do this 2019!

Identify Who Has Authority in the Buying Group

No matter what industry you’re in, it’s very crucial that you find out who the main decision maker of the buyer group is. This first step is crucial in making sure that your sales process starts off smoothly.

There are cases wherein some B2B sales companies prepares by sending someone into the front lines to learn all the information that they can about the company. Keep in mind that it’s not just the company that you should tailor your sales pitch to. You have to put a bit of personalization into it.

If you are to study the company, makes sure that you find out a lot about the buyer group in general. This will help you further personalize your sales pitch into something that will cater to their needs.

To be honest, it’s quite hard to formulate a sales pitch that can cater to the whole buyer group. That being said, an experienced and smart B2B sales rep will know what to do and adapt on the fly when doing so!

Find Your Own Internal Champion

On their own, B2B sales reps are in a major disadvantage if they’re alone during their journey with their clients. Most of the time, when the sales rep is equipped with everything, they need to succeed but have little to no help from someone in the inside, their chances of success is very small.

An internal champion is someone—preferably someone part of the buyer group—that openly advocates your products and services. They are very enthusiastic about what a deal with you will provide to the whole company.

In most cases, they only focus on the benefits of your product or service. But a true internal champion is also aware of the negatives that it can bring. They are someone that has accepted the disadvantages and are putting in their own effort to find solutions to these.

Having an internal champion equipped with all the relevant information can give any B2B sales rep a huge advantage because it basically ensures that the sales process can continue on even when you’re not around because it’s going to be facilitated by your internal champion!

Another important thing to take note of is that an internal champion is basically your mirror into the thought process of a buyer group. If you take advantage of this, you can create a very stellar sales pitch that will more or less surprise your clients—boosting the chances of a closed, and successful sale!

Focus on Helping the Prospect

There’s a fine line between being too pushy and impatient and sincerely helping your prospects. During the first point of contact with a prospect, there’s a lot of important things to cover. After the basics such as explaining what you do and how you can help your client—turn your focus on being as helpful as possible. In recent studies, it’s been found that around 82% of B2B buyers think salespeople don’t provide them with any valuable information on their first call.

You need to be aware of the nature of your prospect. What industry they’re part of, and what pain points they’re facing. This will help you understand what their current needs are, and their initial reasoning on why they want to invest in what you’re offering.

Make sure that even before you call a prospect you’ve already done all the necessary research needed to have at least a basic understanding of their organization. It would be much better if you understand them inside and out!

Key Takeaway

With the new year comes new opportunities for better sales and more prospects. Make sure that you’re always aware of the latest sales force automation and most relevant strategies that can lead to more conversions and more closed sales!