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Web Surfing. Writer. Blogger. Self-Believer.| I love to grab the Knowledge and share the fresh dose of technology, lifestyle, travel, how-to’s, life lessons through the social platform and my blog. At my free time I love to read new things and write the post of my Mashable India blog and share with my social locality.

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Dyslexia: What are the Warning Signs?

Little Leaders Play School Swati, a 4-year-old girl whose mother is extremely concerned about her performance in class....
voicemail to mail

How does voicemail to email feature works?

Voicemail to email is a VoIP feature which records voicemail in an audio format usually Wav or Mpg. The feature then sends...

Change Router’s SSID and Improve the Security of Your Home Network

Broadband wireless routers and access points establish a secure wireless network using a SSID (Service Set Identifier). These smart WiFi devices are...
website designing

Why cannot find a developer?

Ah the developer, this profile those recruiters are snapping! Business needs in IT development are constant and growing, especially with mobile technology. The technologies...

Why should you visit Dubai?

On the off chance that there is one thing that can be said in regards to the city of Dubai is that it is...