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choose gift for different occasion

10 Gift Ideas for Your Best Friend for 10 Different Occasions

Your best friend is like a sister, she's a part of you and you know very well that you would never be the same...

How Sales and Marketing Work Together

Collaboration between the sales and marketing department is crucial for all companies. The problem that most businesses face today, is that they still let...
Marketing Strategy

Refresh Your Marketing Strategy with These Mind-blowing Techniques

It can sometimes feel like your marketing has stagnated and that you’re no longer growing your business as you should be. If you’re struggling...

Everything you need to know about scaling MySQL

When your database handles thousands of informational pieces every day, scalability becomes a necessity. You need to expand the memory and the storage of...

5 Reasons Why a Retail Business Should Consider E-Receipts Over Paper Receipts

How Electronic Receipts can help your Business GROW DIGITALLY In the information age with everyone’s access to the internet,...