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How Sales and Marketing Work Together

Collaboration between the sales and marketing department is crucial for all companies. The problem that most businesses face today, is that they still let...

Authorization for Expenditure (AFE) Software Management for process efficiency/optimization

An Authorization for Expenditure (AFE) software is nothing but a budgeting and approval form. It gets used during the planning process for an oil...
choose a used smartphone

5 items to check before buying a used smartphone

Watch out for fake smartphones It is a fact that the market is developing today with a plethora of fake Chinese or Korean smartphones that...
Successful Digital Start-Ups

6 Advanced SEO Tools for a Successful Digital Start-Ups

Are you planning to use a range of fermium, free, and paid tools to review and boost your SEO effectiveness? Before you do that,...
best business schools in India, best M.B.A college in India

5 Ways To Judge A Good Business School In India

Business schools are one of the most in-demand institutions in the country. These are the institutions which are nurturing some of the best business...