The Top Kodi Add-ons for Streaming and Free VPNs to Use

By February 16, 2019
Kodi Add-ons

Kodi is a very popular media player application from the XBMC Foundation, which is free open-source software. Now, Kodi is made for almost all operating systems and various devices including streaming remote controls and TVs. The users can view streaming media including live videos, movies, sports, music, podcasts from the Internet, and can also access the digital media from local or international networks, for free. For more information, visit bestdroidplayer.

However, even though it is considered to be a good player application for free content, Kodi attracted some negative attention also due to the plug-ins and add-ons for Kodi facilitating access to many unauthorized and copyrighted content also. However, the XBMC Foundation doesn’t endorse the use of such add-ons.

Kodi add-ons

If you are looking for the top Kodi add-ons for streaming, then here we will discuss a few good options. Here are some key things to note before accepting a Kodi add-on:

  • The version number of the addon
  • The repo to which they belong to
  • Whether the addon is online/offline
  • When was the last code commit of the add-on?
  • You may also access the crowd-sourced voting to see which of the add-ons are most favorite.

Privacy alert: If you are trying to use any of the Kodi add-ons for streaming, it is strongly recommended to use a good VPN for privacy protection.

Here is the list of the best working Kodi add-ons you can try out now.

Top 10:

  1. Covenant
  2. Nemesis
  3. The Magic Dragon
  4. Exodus (Version 8)
  5. Exodus Redux
  6. Yoda
  7. Incursion
  8. Maverick TV
  9. Movie Theater Butter
  10. Gen-X

Best add-ons for movies

  1. Tubi TV
  2. Click Here
  3. FilmON Simple
  4. Filmrise
  5. Entertain Me
  6. The Kratos
  7. Copy and Paste

For adult content

  1. XXX-O-DUS
  2. Megatron Repository Add-ons

For sports

  1. Pac-12 Network
  2. Planet MMA
  3. Fox Sports GO
  4. Red Bull TV

Live TV

  1. BBC iPlayer WWW
  2. Channel PEAR
  3. cCloud TV
  4. Jupiter IPTV
  5. TVOne+

Using Free VPNs

As we have seen in the alert above, it is essential to use a proper VPN also while installing Kodi add-ons. With increasing ISP snooping the personal activities and increasing number of cybercrimes, nowadays VPNs are crucial tools for those who are accessing internet content. The good news is that you have plenty of budget VPNs available.

However, unlike the premium VPNs which offer the best possible features, a free VPN may have a limitation in terms of features and access. However, it is ideal to start with a free VPN, and you can try multiple of them to identify which serves the best and then look for its premium features.

Be very careful in considering the security features of the VPNs too. Some of the free VPNs are untrustworthy who may even sell your data for their revenue. Here, we discuss some of the decent free VPN options you can consider.

  1. Windscribe VPN
  • Access to 10 servers
    • 10 GB data cap
    • Up to 30Mbps speed.
  1. TunnelBear
  • 0.5 to 1.5 GB cap on data
    • No P2P
    • Speed minimal to average
  1. VPN
  • Three server locations
  • Data transfer of 2 GB
  • Average speed
  1. Hotspot Shield
  • Connects only to US servers
  • With Ads
  • No options for custom configuration

If you don’t like to have such limitation, then it is also possible to consider premium VPNs, which initially offers free trials like ExpressVPN, NordVPN, IPVanish, etc.

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