How to Record Skype Screen with OgyMogy Screen Recorder App?

Record Skype Screen

Social messaging apps are very important for everyone and these days business professionals, youth and people that want to interact with their loved ones use it all day long. Skype social media app is one of the most popular instant messengers that we have ever come across.

It enables users to send receive messages, conversations, multimedia, and documents and further allow the user to make audio and video calls effectively and convincingly. Over the years the use of Skype instant messaging app is on the rise among everyone.

School going kids use it, teens love to use it for dating app and business professionals use it for instant communication at workplace and share company’s documents. Therefore, with the rise of social media and ease in communication, parents don’t want to protect children, teens from predators, and business professionals want to protect their business from rogue employees.

Therefore, people, these days are looking forward to skype screen recorder app. Therefore, in my opinion, if you really want it OgyMogy will enable you to do it in real –time. Let’s get to know how to record skype screen.

Install OgyMogy Screen recording app

Before you are going to do it, firstly you need to install cell phone & computer monitoring software. Let’s discuss how you can do it within a very short time.

Step1: Use a PC or mobile phone browser

Put your cell phone or computer on internet connection and further user the browser and find out the best screen monitoring software.

Step2: Get a subscription for phone & PC screen recording app

Visit the cell phone and computer monitoring software official website and once you have got it then subscribe for it.

Step3: Physical Possession of the target device

After you have the got the subscription then you need to get physical access on the target device gets started with the installation process. Wait until you have completed the process of installation successfully and then you need to activate it on the target device. During the activation process, you will encounter with the pop –up message that will assist you with how to hide the identity of the phone screen recorder software on the target device. later on, you can end up with the activation process.

Step4: Use login ID & password to get access to the web portal

Now you can use password and ID in order to get access to your account of the OgyMogy online control panel. Once you have the access to it you are free to visit the screen recording tools for cell phone and computer devices. Let’s discuss all the tools of cell phone and computer screen recording app. Remember, for cell phone and computer screen monitoring tools you need to subscribe separately for cell phone and PC tracking app to record screen activities.

Step5:  Use phone & computer screen recorder app

Live screen recording app for skype

You can use live screen recording software and you can perform screen recording in real –time on your target device. It empowers you to make short videos of the Skype screen back to back and you can visit to see the recorded videos of the screen when the end target user is using Skype social media app.

Screen recorder for MAC

You can use screen recording on target MAC computer screen in order to record activities when skype messenger is being activated and you will get to know what is happening on your children and employees skype on MAC device.


The end user can use secret screen recording software for Skype and get to know all the activities happen by using OgyMogy cell phone and PC tracking software.


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