Exclusive Features That Can Captivate The Audience Towards a Grocery Delivery App Like Shipt Clone

By September 17, 2020
Exclusive Features That Can Captivate The Audience Towards a Grocery Delivery App Like Shipt Clone

Online grocery deliveries are hitting home runs amid this COVID-19 outbreak situation. People have turned towards the digital medium to look out for alternatives, identified a potential replacement to grocery shopping via grocery delivery apps, and there’s no turning back ever since. The benefit of doorstep deliveries, matched with an unparalleled experience of grocery shopping from the luxury of homes, makes grocery delivery platforms the talk of the town. 

Some of the notable platforms worth mentioning include Instacart, Walmart Grocery, Shipt, etc. Ever since the pandemic, these apps have surged in download rates, order volumes, popularity, and whatnot. One prominent aspect that is identical to every app is that they create a unique visual impact via their features. Features play an indispensable role in enriching the app experience and enhancing user engagement rates. 

If you’re an entrepreneur aspiring to establish a firm position in the online grocery delivery industry, you need to focus on providing unique features in your platform. In this blog, let’s discuss some exclusive features of a Shipt clone that can transform a grocery app from ordinary to extraordinary. 

Do not forget the essential features 

As simple as it may sound, a grocery delivery app provides a best-in-class experience with its perfect blend of essential and unique features. Essential features are those that find their place in almost every grocery app. Let’s discuss the essential features in brief here. Remember that you need to look into features and functionalities of different stakeholders’ apps, including 

  • Customers
  • Service providers (Delivery executives & Store owners) 
  • The admin 

Vital features of Customer app: 

  • Registration: Customers register with the app or log in via social media handles. 
  • Search and filters: Customers can search for groceries and can use filter options to narrow down their results. 
  • Real-time tracking: Once the order is out for delivery, customers can track delivery executives in real-time. 
  • Push notifications: Customers get real-time updates on order status, offers, discounts, etc., in the form of push notifications. 
  • Multiple payment options: Customers can pay via a multitude of payment options, including credit/debit cards, net banking, etc. 
  • Ratings and reviews: Customers share their grocery shopping/product experience in the form of ratings and reviews.      

Vital features of the Service provider app: 

  • Registration: Service providers register with the app by specifying the necessary profile details. 
  • Availability toggle: Service providers can switch between their availability based on their working hours and preferences. 
  • Accept/Reject requests: Service providers can accept or turn down customer requests based on their convenience. 
  • Earnings dashboard: Service providers can view their gross earnings anytime with the help of the intuitive dashboard. 
  • Manage orders: Grocery store owners can manage orders by processing them based on the demand. Similarly, delivery executives can pick up multiple orders to conserve time during deliveries. 

Vital features of the Admin panel: 

  • God’s eye view: The admin can manage the entire app activity from a single place. 
  • Manage customers: The admin can resolve customer queries and reach out to customers in a flash. 
  • Manage service providers: The admin verifies service providers before enabling them to provide services. 
  • Manage payments: The admin has a comprehensive view of processing/failed/previous transactions via the dashboard. They can assign suitable commission scales as well. 

These features find their place in pretty much every grocery delivery app. Do not miss out on these essential aspects while developing a grocery app like Shipt.

Exclusive features that make a grocery app stand apart

Successful apps manage to bring uniqueness to the table. By doing so, they differ substantially from other apps, paving the way for a massive reception among the audience. Some of the unique features worth including in your grocery delivery app solution are,

  • In-app chat/call: Establishing a streamlined communication flow between different stakeholders can pave the way for better interaction and organizing of services. 
  • Virtual cart: Virtual carts can enhance the online shopping experience significantly. Customers can add products to cart, review them before checkout, and pay for their orders seamlessly. 
  • In-app wallet: In this digital era, entering account details every time during transactions is a challenging task. By integrating an e-wallet option, customers can add/remove money to the wallet from their bank accounts and pay for numerous orders in no time. 
  • Multilingual support: If you wish to expand your business on a global scale, this functionality can boost your chances of doing so. By enabling customers to access the app in the language of their choice, you can gain a stronghold of the regional market. 
  • Refer and Earn: Word of mouth marketing can be the best strategy to implement in your application. This way, customers who refer their friends and family get enticing coupons & rewards. On the other hand, you get to expand your customer base. 
  • Schedule orders: By enabling customers to shop and schedule grocery orders well-in-advance, you can retain customers and avoid last-minute hassles. Regular notifications on scheduled orders can enhance customer engagement rates as well. 
  • Inventory management: This service provider feature reduces the task of grocery store owners drastically. With an immersive dashboard to manage inventories, grocery store owners can add products under demand, thereby satisfying customers. 
  • Compare products: Customers are spoilt for choices with a grocery delivery app. Customers can opt for the most desirable product by comparing various products based on numerous parameters like pricing, ratings, etc. 
  • Wishlist: Customers can add grocery essentials into their wishlist. This way, even if they do not need the products at the moment, they can easily check out and buy those products in the future. 


The COVID-19 pandemic is fueling the need for doorstep delivery services. Among the various delivery services, it is the grocery deliveries that are surging in demand and popularity. Entrepreneurs can venture into the marketplace right away with a clone app like Shipt. All they have to do is reach out to an app development company, implement these vital & cutting-edge features in the Shipt clone script, and launch the app in the flourishing market.