Looking Forward for an Award-Worthy Mobile App? Here are 8 Design Tips to Make your Dream Come True

By October 30, 2018

What does it take to build an award-worthy mobile app?

If you have a professional mobile app developer, you’ve already won half the battle. The other half of the battle will be won when you build an award-worthy design for your app.

There days hiring a freelance app developer or even a app development company can take care of everything regarding your app, but if you want to make a design which can qualify as talk of the town, keep reading.

After the release of Google Speed update it is prominent that Google is giving mobile app quite a consideration while ranking a website.

If your plan is not to leave behind and survive a mobile app disaster, here are some tips which can help you create better designs for mobile app in the year 2018.

  • Avoid Too Many Colors

Every element in your mobile app is of equal importance. Starting from the logo to the color on every page.

No need to make the colors too bright or contrast or making it difficult to read. You cannot afford to hurt someone’s feeling by using colors which look annoying to the eyes.

Colors do impact the way people take buying decision. For instance, if you want your customers to agree use green colors in your CTA buttons, while using Red means you’re redirecting customers to a new window.

If you reverse the color order it will confuse the customer and they’ll leave without doing business with you.

  • Keep it Simple

Of course, you don’t need to be super basic. Avoid complexity in the design.

Understand that customers will be using your app on a small device. Which means you don’t have to put in everything in the small space that you have. Just leave some space to breathe.

If you design something complex it will take time to load on the mobile device. This will distract the user and they’ll end up being frustrated.

Simple designs keep the users engaged. If there is so much in the design, it will distract the user and create a negative experience with low conversion rate.

  • Avoid Fancy Fonts

Your fonts need to be readable.

No need to get too fancy with your fonts. Sure, you can try things which are working for some brands but don’t use fonts which appear to be decorative but are difficult to read.

Another thing to note is that your font need to be consistent throughout the app. You can use various fonts for headings and sub-headings, but you need to keep the fonts in the text consistent.

Using fancy fonts will not only confuse the reader, crazy fonts also make some users frustrated.

There is no need to use fancy fonts just because other brands are using it.

  • Ensure that App is Easy to Navigate

What is the point of developing an app is the user is not able to navigate the app?

Some of the brands prefer navigation through lists. The lists can be bulleted or in the form of pictures.

Sure, you can add various type of menus all over the screen of the app or you can make wide menus and help in saving some space.

No matter what you do, ensure that the navigation of the app needs to be simple.

They should be less scrolling and zooming within the app to create a simple browsing experience.

  • Test your Design

Testing is necessary. To engage the users, you have need to test your app.

You might think that you have developed the perfect app but if you don’t even test and get the feedback how will you know that people are liking it or not.

Assign a team or a group of people who can test the app design. Ask them to give feedback and see how that feedback can help you built a better app.

Focus on the glitches in the design and adjust the problems before the user face the same problem again.

  • Upgrade the Design

You don’t want users to get bored or feel frustrated from your app. The developers need to come up with ways by which they can remove all the bugs and include new features in the app.

The designers on the other hand need to sync the design with the development.

Just keep in mind that users won’t expect so many changes fast, they want little changes over time.

  • Are you Using the Negative Space, Right?

Not everything that you design can be 100% right.

You can utilize the negative space to fill text, pictures, and video tutorials in it.

No need to fill every space, leave out some space in between the columns and fill the margin with content.

Give some space to your design to let it breathe.


The app design isn’t easy.

Whether you’re designing your own app o you’re hiring a design agency to make an app for you, it is important to keep these best practices in mind.

Let the creativity shine through you. You don’t need to copy anyone else, you just need to take some inspiration and create your own design. Once you’ve designed an app if will be easy for you to work on the feedback.

If you want your design to be award-worthy keep the basics in mind.

Does your mobile app design meet the above criteria? If not, do mention the design problems in the comment section below.