Astounding Apps That You Can’t Discover on Playstore


With a world domination market share of 85 percent, Android is no doubt the most famous OS on planet. We are talking about billions of users. Ever wondered why is it so popular? The only thing that makes Android so special is the ease to do whatever you want. Whatever you wish for from your smartphone, there is an app for it. Just install it and you are good to go. Apps on a phone are what that make a phone a smartphone. The usability and features an application offer, make a real difference. I bet you will never buy a phone that can’t download music these days, right?

So today we are going to share with you some of the apps that will make your Android experience much more enjoyable. These apps are not available on the Google Play store. But that does not mean they are not safe. We assure you we used and tested them on daily basis before recommending to you. So let’s get started.

Blokada – Ad Blocker

First on the list is Blokada. As the name suggests it is an ad blocker. There are definitely some features that set it apart from other ad blockers. Blokada is an open source ad blocker, that means it is free. Its code is available on Github for anyone to check, that confirms its authenticity.Blokada


Below is the list of features that Blokada offers:

  • Easy to use, simple user interface. Everything is just a few away.
  • Blocks ads system-wide, across all apps.
  • Works without rooting the device.
  • Block ads from a particular host.
  • Whitelist apps where you want ads to be shown.
  • Inbuilt DNS changer. Changing DNS can have a lot of benefits, but that’s a different topic.
  • Keep alive and Start on boot features available.

I bet no other ad blocker offers so many features for free. That’s why Blokada is the best ad blocker that you can get for your device. To get Blokada, check the link.


Next on the list is Newpipe, it is a lightweight Youtube client app. If you use Youtube a lot this is a must-have app. The original youtube is quite a heavy app and it uses Youtube API and Google Play services. What that means is that Google can track all your usage, not so great for privacy. What Newpipe does is that it parses the Official Youtube Website in order to gain information such as music, videos and rest everything it needs. What’s great about that, you ask? You don’t need to sign-in and have Google Play services to enjoy youtube. This means you can enjoy Youtube on phone with much less ram and processing power. Rest assured you can do all the things that Original Youtube offers plus some extra features that are listed below.


Features of Newpipe:


  • Lightweight Youtube Client.
  • Abilty to Download videos in custom quality.
  • Background Player to play songs even when youtube is in background
  • Pop-up Player to better enjoy multi-tasking.
  • Subscriptions
  • History record.
  • Privacy

The features that Newpipe offers are hard to ignore and I think you should not skip this one if you love watching Youtube. Newpipe will surely make your experience more enjoyable. Click here to get Newpipe.


Last on the list is Appflix. This one is really awesome as it offers the much famous Netflix for free. Yes, you read it right Netflix for free that too forever. Appflix offers all the Tv shows and Movies that are there on Netflix for you to watch for free. No more need to worry about the recurring monthly subscription charges. Appflix does offer some additional features, they are listed below.Appflix


Extra features that Appflix offers:

  • Watch Netflix for free
  • Download any video from multiple sources
  • Full-HD Content
  • Multiple OS Support
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Fast and Secure

Well, if you want to save money and enjoy Netflix at the same time, Appflix is at your service. Just click on Appflix to download and enjoy it.


All these apps discussed above are exceptional. They offer so much and that too for free. We personally use them and we highly suggest everyone should have them. These apps really are great and offer unique features that will surely improve your experience. I think that’s the joy of android, just install the app and enhance your usability. So what are you waiting for, go download and install them.


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