10 Best Android Games of 2019

By March 3, 2019
10 Best Android Games of 2019

Every year, hundreds of games are released on the Android operating system; however, to be honest, only a few are of particular interest. This article will highlight only the best games for Android 2019, which are worth your attention.

Kingdom New Land

Opens the ranking of games on Android 2019 Kingdom New Lands. It is worth noting that this project has received worldwide recognition and won many avid gamer with a vast range of settings and an exciting plot. Here the user will feel himself in the role of a brave king who bravely defends his possessions. Being on a horse, he travels around all the territories he controls and makes scores with many opponents. Along the way, the main character will encounter a vast number of cunning and dangerous traps, which he will quickly overcome. Besides, he will have to own his state competently, manage the treasury, make fateful decisions, arm his army, build defensive structures and help those in need. All this will play a vital role in the long term of his reign.

Marvel strike force

MARVEL Strike Force new game Superheroes and supervillains of the battle in the game MARVEL SHOCK POWER Prepare to fight side by side with allies and worst enemies in a tense game with amazing graphics MARVEL Strike Force mod apk, available for free on phones and tablets. Earth has been threatened from the outside, so superheroes and supervillains will have to forget the eternal feuds to protect their home from invaders! Stand at the head of the active squad and repulse the new enemy in strategic battles with Spiderman, Doctor Strange, Groot, Raccoon Rocket, Loki, Electra, Captain America, Iron Man, and other characters. It’s time to fight! Gather your squad and get ready for battle for the future of the planet! COLLECT YOUR TEAM Hook up mighty superheroes and supervillains MARVEL and create your shock squad with the participation of Iron Man, Captain America, Loki, Electra, Doctor Strange, Venom and other fighters. STRONG DON’T BE BORN to Pick up equipment for your superheroes and supervillains and improve them to give them even more power. STRATEGIC EXCELLENCE Choose your soldiers wisely. Creating ligaments between superheroes and supervillains, you can carry out crushing combos. Tactical skill in battles five on five will ensure your squad victory over the most active enemies in the Marvel universe. BREAKFASTING BATTLES From one touch of the screen, the characters perform a series of powerful techniques, accompanied by in-game rollers. AMAZING GRAPHICS Enjoy the game with the best modern graphics available on mobile devices. Marvel superheroes and supervillains seem to come alive on the phone screen! Mobile games are a game channel for the whole family and even the youngest kids. We try post new videos every day. On the Mobile Games channel, you will see your favorite games from popular cartoons, such as my talking Tom, my talking Angela, and their friends, besides Tom and Angela, you will see different passing of favorite, informative and exciting games. Developing a video will allow children to become smarter, developing memory, motor skills, attention, teaching reading, and counting. Thanks for watching, likes and comments. The children’s games we play are free, and you can ask us for a link to download your favorite game. Join our community! We are happy play games with you, watch cartoons online together. Subscribe, leave comments on our channel. Hello everyone my channel with cartoons, bright children’s games for children and the whole family. Fun, joy, the laughter of children, and the latest news from the world of computer and tablet games. Subscribe to our channel; we will be glad to see you.


Achicaps is a great Android game for strategy lovers. In Achicaps, the player will have to perform the main task – to keep complete control over the anthill, as well as complete a wide variety of missions. The positive thing is that the player will understand all the rules since they are quite simple. The game also includes a massive number of levels, and the anthill itself can be expanded to enormous sizes. It is worth noting that at each new level there will appear various quests to collect and move objects to any parts of the anthill. Play and compete for the best result with your friends, creating your anthill and controlling all its inhabitants.

The Escapists

The Escapists is a simulator on the Android platform, where, as a prisoner, you will need to think out and implement a jailbreak plan. A distinctive feature will be the fact that the game is well-crafted crafting; there are a variety of abilities/actions, as well as a large number of escape plans. Hiding from the police, rob, and rob – that’s what awaits you! However, there are also disadvantages: localization is very “lame,” poorly developed artificial intelligence of in-game characters and endless bugs. In general, fans of the genre will find complete satisfaction, such projects – a real rarity, but other players may feel the “dampness” of the project.

Soul knight

Do you like to play arcade games on your android? Soul Knight is an entirely new approach to such a favorite genre as pixel shooters. To begin with, the plot itself should be emphasized; here it is somewhat unusual, it is only known that the aliens stole something significant and valuable from humanity, as a result of which the whole world was under serious threat. However, some heroes are able to establish stability, and you are one of these characters. Special attention deserves the mechanics, namely, ordinary, where you have to wander through the dungeons with exotic terrain, while exterminating the hordes of enemies from a variety of weapons, numbering over 120 species. Without a doubt, the game has a system of development and pumping, which adds even more impressive diversity to the gameplay.


Minecraft is a game on Android, reminiscent of a kind of sandbox in which you can endlessly build. The scale of the game does not cause any doubts, so you can safely call this project legendary! After the upgrade, the Better Together Update online mode was improved; in addition, the interface was significantly simplified for stable communication with friends. Traveling in unusual and unimaginable worlds, substantially different from each other, you can build unique structures. In turn, various modes help players determine their place in the game – some people like to develop entire buildings, while others survive in the open spaces of Minecraft and extract valuable resources.

Day R Premium

Day R Premium – a game that takes you to the real apocalypse! Recently, the world survived a nuclear war and all that will surround the main character is hunger, disease, radiation. To save your family, you will need to make a massive journey through the entire country, located in the post-Soviet space. The game has an impressive role element – the living world, which continually presents something unexpected, hundreds of cities, characters, monsters, and mystical artifacts. Numerous missions embody the whole plot into a single whole, which will force any player to spend all his free time. It is impossible not to notice that the project provides for a joint game where you can fight for life in a cruel world with your faithful companion. In general, this is a complete survival simulator,

Hitman: Sniper

3rd place is a great game for Android – Hitman: Sniper. The plot of the game takes us to the radiant country of Montenegro. Every day you will receive orders and various particular tasks, determine the victim and begin the “hunt.” The protagonist knows his job, skillfully managed with a sniper rifle, thereby continually improving, so fulfilling orders, he will find the parts of the weapon, as well as drawings that will help them to design. It is worth emphasizing that the game has over 150 unique missions and a rather diverse arsenal of rifles, each of which has its characteristics. Becoming a professional killer, you can not only kill targets but all your free time.


Love realistic horror stories? Then this is for you! AFFECTED – The Manor VR is an indeed adventure horror that has become incredibly popular on virtual reality platforms. The game itself plunges into a realistic abyss of fear and hatred, hiding in every alley. The project is terrifying and uses all the potentiality of virtual reality to create the right atmosphere. To feel the maximum effect, the creators of the game are advised to play with headphones.

Warhammer: Doomwheel

Well, an honorable place in our top-10 games on Android is Warhammer: Doomwheel – action with runner elements. The essential character here is the representative of the rat-people. He is endowed with wit; as a result, he builds a monstrous killing machine, which is called the Wheel of Doom. With the help of the created weapons, he will seek to kill the maximum number of orcs, gnomes and other representatives of enemy clans, and you will help him in this. Playing you can meet a lot of famous characters, for example, Tankvol and Grimgor. Comfortable control and a myriad variety of improvements for the Wheel significantly transform the gameplay for the better.